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About Us

Are you expecting or have given birth to twins, triplets or more?  Congratulations!! 

A lot of literature and assistance is readily available for parents of single-born babies but there is a lack of advice and help for the significant section of our community who give birth to twins, triplets and higher order multiples. Illawarra South Coast Multiple Birth Association, a part of the Australian Multiple Birth Association, is one of the many associations which endeavour to “bridge the gap”, so to speak.  Our members provide support to those families because most of us feel another parent in the same situation can understand or offer information to assist. 

Multiple Birth Associations all around Australia were formed so that parents of multiples would have an opportunity to discuss and compare with other parents in the same situation any special problems or phases of development of their multiple birth children, and any special affects these children have on their family environment.  By sharing information we are able to help each other and ourselves manage more easily the everyday situation of rearing multiples. 

Since the formation of our association we have gradually expanded our aims and objectives so that we can extend other services to members of our association to help them in caring for and raising their multiples.  These services include our library, newsletter, hire service and organised activities for families.  We also make available literature to keep our members up to date on research and statistical evidence about multiples.  Most of this literature is compiled from information gathered from hundreds of parents of multiples who are members of Australian Multiple Birth Associations. 

All members contribute their time and “talent”, as they are able, to keep the services offered by the association going.  This is how we help each other. 

Funding of the various services is determined each year when we review our annual membership fee, or in the case of special projects, by fundraising activities supported by the members.

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